About Our Company

We have been in this business for a very long which has given us an insight into the different timelines and perspectives to provide the services to our clients. The planning and implementing the plan is done by keeping the business and its element in mind so it blends with it.

The concept of digital marketing services is more than just making your content attractive and interesting for the audience. We plan the right strategy so it is easy to follow it and reach higher levels in the market.

At digisandesh, the designers and developers all work together to achieve a client retention rate that touches 100%. Under the dynamic leadership of Mayank Dave, the team has already achieved 96% of this target. The uptime at Shree Tripada is guaranteed at 99% across the 12+ Servers and Data Centers.

Meet our team

We are a team of strategic thinkers, business planners, idealists, technologists, digital experts, and a wide and combined network of partners and employees. We are united in our desire to combine our creativity, technology, media, and diverse abilities to help companies achieve their strategic goals.We have a team of highly experienced professionals committed to delivering services with honesty. Our team includes graphic designers, HTML specialists, web-optimizers, web programmers, senior software developers, database specialists and many more.


Mayank Sir is the person who has built the organization from scratch.He ensures that the operations of the organization are aligned with the goals and objectives.He is an amazing leader and takes the right decisions at crucial times. He is an inspiration to the employees and has created a fun-filled work environment.As an amazing leader,he leads from the front and helps the team perform better.


Rashmika is our design wizard. From designing web pages to marketing collaterals and materials, she takes care of all the designing aspects at Digisandesh.She takes complete ownership of designing the page layouts and templates.Choosing color schemes and fonts is her unique speciality. She coordinates with clients to understand their requirements and manages the design revisions too, according to the client's feedback.


Kajal is our Backend developer and performs the crucial role of writing server-side code.She had in-depth knowledge of coding and hands-on experience for several years.Based on the requirements, she writes codes to modify the existing software or build one from scratch. In addition, she has exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Using her expertise, she contributes to all the phases of software development


Be it Digital Mareketing or any other business, quality customer service is the key to any business's growth and success. At Digisandesh, Bhumika, our brilliant and outstanding customer service associate, ensures that all customer concerns and issues are resolved on-time and in an efficient way. From answering phone calls to responding to emails and messages, Bhumika is quite busy throughout the day. Bhumika's multitasking ability along with critical thinking and problem-solving skills makes her an adept customer service associate.


Dipal, Back office assistant, works behind the scenes but effectively handles our day-to-day tasks. She is the face of our organization and the first person to greet our customers when they come to our office. A polite and humble person by nature, Dipal ensures that our office keeps functioning seamlessly. From handling administrative responsibilities to other support tasks, Dipal can juggle two tasks effectively at one time