Who We Are

Our company is registered in high-quality digital marketing services provider Indian Company. Our head office is registered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We believe in providing the best digital marketing services that make our clients capable of succeeding in the market and improve the competition which gives them an upper-hand.

About Our Company

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DigiSandesh is one of the most popular digital marketing service provider organizations.

We have been in this business for a very long which has given us an insight into the different timelines and perspectives to provide the services to our clients. The planning and implementing the plan is done by keeping the business and its element in mind so it blends with it.

The concept of digital marketing services is more than just making your content attractive and interesting for the audience. We plan the right strategy so it is easy to follow it and reach higher levels in the market.

The engagement of the audience in the content posted on the website is handled by our highly professional managers. They understand the vision of the business and then start the planning for the content and which activities to be used for that particular company. It is kept in mind that every business and its base are different which means the strategy to be used for them will also be different. The services provided by us range from basic to high-quality so that every part of the business gets the advantage. Apart from the content, activities like SEO or reputation management to make the business grow is chosen accordingly. Even after the implementation of the plan, our services do not stop. We monitor every change after our services so the clients can see the changes themselves. The market is examined to use the element that might turn beneficial for our clients.

DigiSandesh has excelled as a digital marketing provider for Indian as well as international clients. We are updated in every way and keep our services up-to-date too. This is a great help for our clients who want to attract more audience by using the latest trend. Our motto is to make our clients happy and satisfied with our services. With every client, we are becoming more qualified to engage in more services that can be beneficial for their company. Our company is dedicated to making your website developed in every way. In the business industry, the role of the website very big in making more people engaged. We understand the business vision and how to twist it in a way that brings more benefits for our clients.

Our Journey

Our company was founded and introduced itself in the digital marketing services
Developed a personal platform for providing digital marketing services
Communicated with highly skilled experts to make our services exceptional
According to the technology, our services also got updated
Expanded the digital marketing business to the international level
Upgraded the infrastructure for our clients
Became one of the most powerful providers of digital marketing

Our Management

Our company is full of experts, business analytics, technology enthusiast, a digital marketing professional who are connected through networking. We believe in presenting the services as a combination of innovation, latest technology, and capabilities to help our clients in becoming successful in the market. They can easily complete their motto and reach high levels with our services.


Vivekanand Dave


He is having 27+ years Experiance In Retail & Wholesale Industy.He is strongest backbone for us, where he guides the overall strategic direction of the business goals by creating successful long term IT Strategies.Having rich marketing experience and passion for digital technology.He works closely with different teams to ensure consistency in all IT services and solutions through different digital marketing channels.He conveyed his best ideas into business practices and maintained a strong web presence for businesses. He created a great work environment.His deliberate skills make the company’s services efficiently, maintain important customer relationships and deliver the best possible work, and effectively implements the overall customer strategy.


Mayank Dave

Founder & CMD

A passionate young serial entrepreneur with clear vision to be market leader in IT industry.having great expertise in global sourcing,IT development, Services & IT products. Leading the team with his exceptional skills in global IT solutions for national and international clients. Owner of 4+ leading IT industry companies and working with an excellent team to improve and review global cost-efficiency.  Worked directly on strategic planning for income plans and structures for many (transferring companies from level C to level A).Focused on work, passion and eager to work for hours willingly, striving to not only meet the ends but aiming and fetching better results every time, inquisitiveness to learn more and fierce energy to delivering work better every time